Fill your funnel with more people.

We gather big data on companies in your target market

Using machine learning we identify key audience characteristics

You get the perfect customer audience for marketing and sales

No credit card required.

Motivus accounts for 80% of our revenue - We are constantly innovating by taking our processes, techniques and experiences and coupling them with data in ways that can help other companies grow. Motivus is the driving force behind 80% of our revenue and customer success. #eatourowndogfood

Tomer Dicturel
Managing Partner, EpicAi

After we switched to Motivus, we immediately began closing more deals and finally generated cash flow. A month down the road, we have an ambient marketing strategy, close 5x more deals, and now reach a much wider audience.

Priansh Shah
Founder @ AiKo

What you can do with Motivus

Find People

We build a custom audience to reach out to for press, recruitment or sales.

  • 50 million contacts in 200+ countries worldwide. Filter by dozens of attributes.
  • Using artifical intelligence we keep data fresh and accurate.
  • Use the data for cold outreach, lead enrichment, or research.

Automate your LinkedIn Growth

Visit, connect, message and manage prospects automatically with Motivus

  • Automatically visit any LinkedIn profile, record their information and view it on your dashboard.
  • Create custom connection requests using a range of variables and send them to users effortlessly
  • Send personalised messages to your 1st degree connections and keep track of the conversation on your dashboard


Get personal with anyone, at scale.

  • We'll coordinate and send emails that reach real people.
  • Ues data profiles for Retargeting and Account based marketing
  • Export people directly into your CRM or other outreach tool

Track Performance

Track each campaign’s progress in our report to gain real insights on who is responding and how to improve performance.

  • Recommendations to improve opportunties
  • Track people driven to book appointments and calls
  • See performance across multiple messages

Motivus saves our sales team hours every week — it's a no-brainer for any sales team.

Kyler Cox

Active user on Motvius

How much does it cost?

Each account is subject to individual terms. Plans are available on a monthly or annual subscription. Whether you are a team of one, or a well oiled sales organization, we have a solution for you.

How long does it take?

After you're setup you will begin to see results almost immediatly. We'll send emails from your account and you can respond directly.

Why is Motivus so accurate?

We are partnered with leading data resources updating thousands of records daily. We use neural networks and other types of machine learning to make the data incredibly relevant to you.

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