Acceptable Data Use

Last Updated Jan 1, 2020

This Acceptable Data Use Policy (“ADUP”) describes actions that Motvius prohibits when any party uses the Motivus Services. This ADUP is incorporated by reference into, and governed by the Services Subscription Agreement or other Services Agreements between you (Customer) and Motivus (the “Agreement”).

Motivus believes in companies using data for good, and that is the basis for why we have created this policy.

As such, you may not use the Motivus Services without agreeing to this ADUP. Thus, you agree not to use, and not to encourage or allow any Client or End User to use, the Motivus Services in the following prohibited ways:

Using the Motivus Services in connection with credit granting, credit monitoring, account review, collection, insurance underwriting, employment or for any other purpose covered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (15 U.S.C. Sec. 1681 et seq (“FCRA”)), Federal Trade Commission interpretations of the FCRA, and similar federal and state statutes.

Using the Motivus Services to encourage any illegal, fraudulent, abusive, or other activities.

Using the Motivus Services for employment decision purposes.

Using the Motivus Services for a government license or benefit.

Using the Motivus Services to engage in, or in connection with fraudulent activity.

Using the Motivus Services for any form of debt collection.

While we’ve done our best to make our ADUP complete, readable, and understandable, you may still have additional questions. We get that. So, feel free to contact our support team at [email protected] or write to us at the address below:

335 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10173
Attention: Data Privacy Department