Crunching the web's data to connect people

Your reason for doing something is your
motive. The word motive comes from
the Latin word motivus, meaning moving,
and movere, meaning to move. Think of
motive as the thing that moves you to act.

We collect and process enormous amounts of data, looking
for signal, producing insights you can act on. Insights to help
you build and grow new relationships with customers, partners.
recruits, investors, press and more.

About Motivus

Motivus is an EpicAi product. Epic helps launch and grow startups. We provide education and tools to help startups through the entire founders journey: including education, mentorship, funding, development and growth.

We develop products utilizing groundbreaking technologies in the area of artificial intelligence. We're shaping new ideas with this powerful technology. We recognize that artificial intelligence amplifies human capabilities in ways that will transform business as we know it.

We gather big data on companies in your target market. With over 80 attributes we can filter outreach using machine learning to identify key audience characteristics delivering you the perfect custom audience for your outreach. You can download these audiences and use them for recruitment, sales, marketing, publicity or even raising capital for your company. With our premium plans, we administer the outreach through a drip campaign which a dedicated team member produces initial outreach and supporting email sequences to maximize value.

At Motivus, we source and processed our data using transparent methods. Every single email address we collect and distribute is tied to public sources in which we validate in our analysis.

Improve your outreach.

Focus on reaching new people.
Not hunting for data.

How much does it cost?

Each account is subject to individual terms. Plans are available on a monthly or annual subscription. Whether you are a team of one, or a well oiled sales organization, we have a solution for you.

How long does it take?

After you're setup you will begin to see results almost immediatly. We'll send emails from your account and you can respond directly.

Why is Motivus so accurate?

We are partnered with leading data resources updating thousands of records daily. We use neural networks and other types of machine learning to make the data incredibly relevant to you.

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