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Find the right people at the right companies.

Find the best contacts at each company and search by dozens of attributes including name, job title, and location. Filter by companies and prioritize based on technology, hiring, and funding triggers.
Motivus lets you focus on driving effective Marketing & Sales, instead of spending your time managing data. Our dataset of employment, social, contact, and demographic information for over 1.5 Billion unique individuals is available to you at the scale you need it.

We're constantly adding new high-quality people to the top of our funnel. The ability to target so accurately makes a huge positive impact on our campaign success. Without Motivus I’m not sure we would still be in business.

Ruben KlineCEO

Scale outreach with automated email sequencing

Sending business emails is time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Motivus’ managed email sequence campaigns lets you create and personalized drip email sequences, so you have more control in your outreach. Automate outreach and followups to close more new business.

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Support sequencing with re-targeting ads. Be seen in more places and build a brand around your outreach sales development process.

The largest and most accurate person database

Find any email. Anywhere.


LinkedIn Profiles


Profiles with email addresses, phone numbers and detailed data


Phone Numbers

Over 80+ Data Attributes for precise targeting

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